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Lab Registration

I, the undersigned, agreeing to participate in this training program and facility tour presented by Piedmont Plus, at its Greensboro, NC Medical Education Campus, am fully aware that cadaver specimens, complex medical instruments and testing equipment are being utilized during the training program and I am aware of the physical and biological risks of harm they pose.
Therefore, I hereby fully release Piedmont Plus, their subsidiaries, officers, directors, employees, agents, and assigns from any liability, real or implied, for any injury, disease, to include COVID-19 exposure or contraction of the virus, or other such damage which may result in any way from my participation in or observation of this training program or from the tour of Piedmont Plus, including office and conference facilities.
During my visit I understand that I may encounter confidential business information, such as proprietary information or processes related to medical devices and techniques, and other materials or information related to the services or activities of Piedmont Plus and Arthrex, Inc. which are not generally known to others. All of this information is fundamental to the operation of Piedmont Plus and Arthrex as competitive businesses. In consideration of my visit to Piedmont Plus campus, I agree to hold any and all information I may encounter in the strictest confidence.
I agree not to, directly or indirectly, disclose any information I encounter to any person, firm, or corporation, or utilize any confidential information I may encounter for any purposes not authorized by Piedmont Plus, or Arthrex, Inc. in writing.
I grant permission to Piedmont Plus Innovation communications team, social media team, hereinafter known as the “Media” to use my image (photographs and/or video) for use in Media publications including but not limited to:
Social Media, Video, Emails, Recruiting Brochures, Newsletters, General Publications,Websites and/or affiliates.
Piedmont+ reports transfers of value, including meals, to federal and state government agencies, as required by law.

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